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Comfort Zone

Ever thought of how many times you find youself in uncomfortable situations? How do you usualy deal with most of them? We all go through difficulties.. What makes the difference is how we choose to deal with the hardships. Do you face your difficulties with a clear mind, do you take time off for things to clear up?

A little reminder from the book I read last month, “Moaning is a device invented by sad people who don’t have much to do”. If you run away from challenges, you are nothing better than a loser. There isn’t much you can do when moaning. Ever thought of our bad habits? Ever wondered how our complaining affects others? It is important that we understand that whenever we complain we affect whoever is around us.

We chose what to do, and it is important to remember that we have the choice to have constructive thinking. If you ever find yourself complaining, stop right away. Open your eyes to endless possibilities around you. By changing your surroundings, you can help positive change to yourself and those around you.

For many reasons, we go out and have fun and sometimes find ourselves simply running away from loneliness that hits us hard whenever alone. How do we enjoy and embrace loneliness before we have too many bad habits to get rid off from our lives? It is important that we get right and do what is right.

Get a piece of paper and write your to do list, and get yourself busy, you will find yourself not having any reasons to complain. Only do what you are good at and actually enjoy, this way you can push forward at adverse times.

Practising Good Habits

Get out of your house, make sure that you at least go out for a walk. Your mental health is dependent on how often you let yourself explore the wild.

Waking up early is part of good traits that help your mind to think right. Kill the biggest frog in the morning, this way you can have a productive day fulfilling the rest of your tasks. Your energy levels get down, as your day persists. It is crucial that you spend your hours  productively. Technology helps us to set remainders from our phones and gadgets.

Reading a book, they say for each book you read; you live another life. Getting right involves learning from others, you can only do this by taking action to do so. Keep your phone down and get a book soon after waking up and before going to bed.

Exercise, it is important that you keep your body active as most of our daily activities include sitting around. Get right and get your jersey or workout outfit and move your body around. Some countries such as India, have homes that don’t own chairs and walk as far as 10 miles a day.

Get right and enjoy the beauty of life. Practice gratitude and make sure you mark what went right in your day before going to bed. This way, you can have a proper to do list for the next day.

Take a trip from time to time to sharpen your paradigm and make sure that you have fun.

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