Do You Drink?

This post shall cover healthy alternatives to alcohol consumption. If you are into a dietary lifestyle or perhaps fitness, you may be looking for low calorie drinks that suit your standards.

Okay, so what is your favorite drink? Is it an alcohol beverage? ¬†How often do you drink?Can you leave the night club without being inebriated. I personally think that it shouldn’t matter either way. However, it is important to acknowledge what you get in your body.

Partying is all about having fun, and most of us understand endorphins such as dopamine and serotonin which are essential for a healthy life associate with regular movement of the muscles or exercise. If you like to party then keep it up.

Those at the gym doing dancing lessons, or dancing at your own space. What do you like most about your dance sessions? What do you add into your dancing to make it fun? Some people prefer weighs while dancing, others take a perfect aerobics class as light as they can. Others will need alcohol to dance. In what ways can you consume less calories and still have fun?

Write down what gets you to dance, and find a safe way to it more often.

How to drink? Is it possible for you to go to the night club without drinking? I personally drink but guess people who can have real fun at the club without drinking have great happy hours. Doesn’t mean that those who drink miss out the fun.

Low calorie drinks

Let’s say we start a session of going to the club to dance for a while, what drinks can you go for regardless of being into fitness or not? Well, today we will take a quick look into great drinks with less calories that will well suit your fitness goals.

i) Michelada

Alcohol is meant to have much calories, some drinks may have up to 700 calories, that’s about 35% of your daily calorie need.

how to drink

Michelada is a drink you can mix by adding limes, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, beer/lager, sea salt, a bit of ice and black pepper. You can have fun with this mixture without worrying about consuming too much calories. Usually the drink will be anywhere from 100-130 calories.

ii) Red wine

Red wine associates with increasing HDL cholesterol, which is good for your body. According to other studies, red wine improves the heart condition. Red wine prevents your body from kidney stones, however there is a debate on how much wine you can drink at a party. The best part about wine is the reduction of the risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

How to drink, if you smoke? Drinking wine may naturally help relax your blood vessels. I understand why some guys may have a hard time drinking wine at the club. Some prefer beer to wine, or hard liquor to wine. It’s ¬†different and every one has his/her ways to drink and fitness. For the ones comfortable drinking wine, there is no reason to add a bit more than usual. Red wine associates empty calories, which lead to weight gain.

iii) Tequila and Soda

Take a glass of soda and salt it’s rim, then top your tequila with extra squeezed lime and seltzer water. Now, you have a great low calorie drink. You will get over any margarita cravings, if you have a glass of the mixture. The drink will be as low as 100 calories.

iv) Champagne

how to drink

A 4oz champagne glass is as little as 85 calories. Wine and light beer have far more calories than champagne, but beware as light and fizzy as champagne might come; it’s easy to finish a bottle and that’s usually 530 calories, at about 25 ounces.

v) Martini

You can add and enjoy your martini, as it usually is 3 ounces of alcohol. Make a glass of martini mixed with 3/4 oz vodka, 2 1/2 sour mix, 3/4 oz sour apple liqueur. You may decided to add lime, lemon or sour orange cuts.

We covered on a few drinks suitable for your fitness regime. Remember to always check the amount of calories you consume from a beverage.

Guide To Lifestlye and How To Drink?

It is important that we reach an end to this discussion. Thus to state, that no one is here to judge your drinking habits, as long as you ensure responsible consumption. It is also important to keep consistency on your workout schedule. Thus, you can live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

It is crucial to wake up everyday to challenges that make life a better experience. Thus, it is as well important that we celebrate life as matters could have been worse. You can find room to have a drink with a colleague, and so a little dance. Life is like a moving mirror, and the only things that last are the memories. It is important to mark and make the best of them.

Smoking is harmful and therefore I don’t recommend it to anybody. However, red wine is a healthy option for smokers. Drink more responsibly and enjoy gradual growth. Do not hesitate to take a break if over drinking at any moment. I hate to be told this but it is a fact that we all are 100% responsible for our own lives.

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