What Is Beauty?

What do you consider beauty? We all have different views on this. I personally think beauty is relative to attached inner thoughts. Something might be gorgeous for one person and completely basic for the other.

Thinking something is beautiful creates an atmosphere of seeing the bright side of things. Let’s say we grab a vessel or anything we like in particular. We then take about 5-10minutes staring at this product, in the period of time; imagine the vessel getting old, having cracks and breaking. What is beauty? This can work on people too, when looking at somebody imagine them aging and having wrinkles. I personally believe this may help appreciate beauty a little bit more.

As the old phrase goes, “Beauty lays in the eyes of the beholder”. I guess, it all goes down to the mindset of admiration and acknowledgement of someone’s positive traits. Regardless of what happens in our lives, there is always something beautiful, let alone the people that may surround us but even our little most enviroment.

Gardening, do you plant anything? Do you like the feeling of attachment? What is beauty? When you garden you get attached to the plants and as they grow from the ground or wherever you embrace life better. Try out having a plant and admire it a little bit more, I guess this will help you appreciate more. Practicing gratitudeness may come in line with various positive habits such as gardening.


What Is Beauty?

Now, let’s ask ourselves what made us attracted to our partners, crushes or dates. Is it the physical appearance, the kindness or what exactly attracted you to your loved one? What is Beauty? After acknowledging the good side, it would be nice to even write down what you love about someone. If not, or so, imagine creating a circle with these close ones around it. The more you focus on the good things you like or love about this person the more you will find them attractive. Take a few minutes on your day to practice such meditation to improve your relationships.

I personally agree that it is quite hard to love someone else if we barely show love to ourselves. How can I personally appreciate the beauty within me? Do I stare at the mirror a little more? Do I go without makeup? I don’t think I have any of the answers to this, it will be my wishful thinking that whatever works for you, so as to improve your value thinking. If spending time on the mirror a little bit more will help you re-evaluate life and help you have better values aligned with in yourself then do it for your betterment.

Our cores beliefs and values towards ourselves and others will spare us from a little more bs in life. If you personally know what it means on being beautiful, you will worry less about someone’s wrong opinion about anything/anybody else. You will have learnt to look on the greatness of something or someone and disregard the little indifferences. This will also help you re-evaluate your opinion based on Other People’s Views (OPV).

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