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Everything You Need to Know About Augmenting Your Nose

Your nose is one of the most prominent features on your face, and it’s something that people are going to notice. However, many people are not satisfied with the way their nose looks. Some believe that their nose is too big, others believe that they have a wider nose. Thanks to the advancements in medical science and plastic surgery, it has become incredibly easy for people to augment their nose and change its shape or size. Today, you can go for a rhinoplasty and get the procedure done within a few hours only.

However, there are a few things that you need to know about nose augmentation (known as เสริมจมูก in Thai), and what it is. Simply put, the procedure involves removing the excess fat around the nose, designed to give the nose a more natural appearance. Many people also need augmentation if they have difficulty in breathing. For instance, if you have trouble breathing through your nose, it might be because your nose sustained damage as a child, and now you need to get it fixed. Here’s what you need to know about the procedure.

The Operation

You will be administered general anaesthesia before the operation begins. Depending on the kind of surgery that the doctors are going to carry out, the doctors might need to take out some cartilage from the ear to build up areas around the nose that are slightly deficient. The operation is likely to last between one or two hours depending upon the kind of surgery. You might have to wear a nose mask to keep the nose firmly in place after the operation for a few days afterward.

Are There Any Alternatives?

A lot of people are confused as to whether they should opt for an alternative or not. But, are there any alternatives? For major deficiencies or deformities, the augmentation procedure is the only choice. However, if it’s just a minor deformity, certain subcutaneous injections might be administered, though these are not permanent. For lasting results, the ideal choice is to opt for the augmentation procedure.

Before the operation can be conducted, your nasal surgeon is going to assess the type of surgery that is required, and will recommend a suitable option. They are also going to prescribe pre-operative medication that you might need. More importantly, you need to avoid smoking as much as possible or stop taking any tablets that contain aspirin at least a week before the operation is about to take place. Ideally, it is best if you follow the instructions given by your nasal surgeon so that the procedure can be completed quickly and the shape of your nose can be improved.


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