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Get Perfect Eyebrows: Learn About Powder Brows Here!

Eyebrows help in framing your face. Doing your eyebrows every single day before leaving for work or college can be a time-consuming affair. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, you may want to consider Powder Brows. A lot has been written about the technique for having the perfect eyebrows. Here’s an overview that may come in handy.

What’s the process like?

Your brow expert/doctor/aesthetician will map the brows to get a desired shape. Using a specialized tool, pigments will be injected in the skin, giving the powered effect. You can expect some pain, but most experts now using numbing cream to minimize the effects of the procedure. Following the procedure, your eyebrows will look much more framed and darker after three days. Expect the effects of Powder Brows to fade by 30% with time, so maintenance treatment is done after a couple of months, following which touchups are required every two to three years.

Is Powder Brows better than microblading?

There are a few advantages of the procedure over microblading. Firstly, the pain associated with Powder Brows is much lesser than microblading, and you can expect the results to last for as long as three years. Your eyebrows will look entirely natural and is a good option even for those who have oily skin. Powder Brows is a great choice for anyone who has naturally pale brows. Microblading is also popular, but many people are opting for Powder Brows as the procedure is simpler and the results are better.

Who can consider Powder Brows?

Powder Brows works for more people than some of the other common cosmetic procedures of eyebrow enhancement. Microblading, for instance, is not ideal for a lot of skin types, which isn’t the case with Powder Brows. Even for people who have oily skin and cannot consider eyebrow restoration, this procedure can work for them.

Finding the right clinic

It is absolutely wise and important to find a reliable clinic for Powder Brows, and make sure that you know what to expect from the procedure, so that you can have realistic expectations. With Powder Brows, your eyebrows will look more defined, fuller, and framed, which can enhance the features of your face. Don’t compromise on the procedure and look for a clinic that has the best doctors and aestheticians in business.

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