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How to Live a Healthier & More Enjoyable Lifestyle

Modern urban living can take us far away from nature and before you know it, you’ve lost those toned muscles and the pounds are creeping on. It is oh so easy to slide into inactivity and with that in mind, here are a few tips on how to make your lifestyle a heathier and happier one.

  • Set some fitness goals – There’s nothing like sitting down and deciding on a few fitness goals; it might be weight loss, or the distance you jog, or even building muscle mass. Join a gym coaching program in Frenchs Forest and let the professionals get you into shape with a regime of exercise that is designed around your needs.
  • Change your diet – We all know that you are what you eat and if your intake contains unhealthy food or drink items, removing these will be a positive start. Your diet should include fresh fruit and vegetables and if you don’t know where you can find fresh organic produce, Google is your best friend and you can order from a local organic farm.
  • Take up an active hobby – Riding a mountain bike would certainly get you fit, while many people take up hiking, which gets you out and about and allows you to really appreciate the wonders of nature. You could combine your love of hiking with camping and with an initial investment, kit yourself out for some serious adventure. There’s something about living off the land and we have some great places in Australia where you can become one with nature.
  • Eliminate stress from your life – There’s no doubt that stress has a negative impact on a person’s health and during the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, making for a very stressful experience. Take up yoga is you want some physical, mental and spiritual development, as most practitioners report a higher level of calmness a few months after starting the discipline.
  • Take a look at your dietary intake – It could be that your diet is lacking in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients; over 50s should take a daily supplement pill, which ensures that you are not lacking in anything. Avoid smoking and if you drink, make sure that you don’t exceed the recommended number of alcohol units which is a good guideline with which to measure the amount of alcohol you consume.

It is very easy to slip into an unhealthy lifestyle and once you realise you have become inactive, there are many ways you can redress the balance.

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