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Split ends: Main causes and How to fix them

Depending on genes, everyone’s hair is less or more vulnerable and prone to breakage. The ends of your hair are the oldest part of a hair shaft and with time, damage, nutrition and other factors adding up they become weak, start to split. So is there a way to fix split ends? And how?

What causes split ends?

There are many different elements that contribute to hair weakening and splitting, daily developed habits being one of them. If you are used to rinsing shampoo with hot water, brushing tangled strands, sleeping with hair pulled back or causing friction for your locks in any other way, most probably you already have damaged hair. Also, using heat tools excessively without protecting hair before is a big mistake. Split ends can be a consequence of  any chemical treatment as dyeing, bleaching, straightening and so on. There is one more element that is weakening your hair and you cannot control it. It is the climate and weather conditions around you. An extremely hot, humid, windy environment causes stress to your hair and the only option here is prevention and protection.

How to prevent split ends?

Unfortunately, when your strands are already weak and start to split at the ends there is no magic way to glue them back into sleek hair. The most you can do is to get a trim and have a fresh, healthier start. When you have a new canvas to work on it is highly important to protect and prevent hair from damage in any way possible. Here are 5 easy steps in taking good care of yourself and your hair.

1.   Use suitable hair care products

Avoid products that contain harsh ingredients and washes off all the natural oils. Choose professional hair care products that contain natural ingredients and other elements beneficial for hair. It is important that products would be designed to satisfy your current hair needs and fit the type of your hair as well.

2.   Give additional care

Providing enough moisture and locking it in is extremely significant in prevention of split ends. Use any additional treatments such as mask, nourishing serums or deep conditioners. These kinds of products will have to stay somewhere from 20 minutes to overnight but it will be a great treat to your locks.

3.   Apply heat protection

Of course we recommend dropping the hot styling tools and choosing heat-free hairstyles instead. If you cannot help yourself and still need to use that curler, do it safely. Be sure to use heat protection before using any styling tools. Try T-LAB Frizz Control Serum Deluxe that covers your hair with a film that protects it from environmental influences and heat, deeply nourishes and repairs the hair’s structure without weighing it down. Later turn down the heat of your tool to as little as possible and use it carefully, do not overdo it.

4.   Get regular trims

As mentioned earlier, cutting off those dead ends gives you a possibility to start over and take better care of your strands everytime. Do not skip a hairdresser’s appointment and get a trim or a hair dusting every 6 weeks preferably or even more frequently if needed. Do everything to keep your strands healthy looking.

5.   Eat well

Simply and shortly just have a balanced diet to keep your body healthy. Nourish yourself from within with fruits, vegetables and healthy fats and stay active on a side. Biotin and folic acid are great elements that improve hair growth, thickness and shine. These elements can be found naturally in walnuts, lentils, leafy greens and oranges. Or they can be taken as a supplement if really needed.

Sadly, split ends cannot be repaired by any magic wand but there are many tricks that will keep your strands away from splitting. Balanced lifestyle and positive habits are key ingredients for having healthy, strong and shiny hair. Professional hair care products will only enhance your efforts by nurturing hair from scalp to the very ends. Stay on a positive track, smile a lot and glow from within.

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