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People who are unhappy with their bottom have started to opt for surgical procedures to enhance it. Brazilian Butt lift NJ is one of the most popular options for modifying one’s butt. It makes use of one’s body fat for modification purposes. The procedure can be divided into two parts. During the first part, fat cells are harvested from the problem areas. In the second part of the procedure, these fat cells are transferred into the buttocks to give them the desired shape. If you have undergone the procedure here are a few things that you should know about it.


How long does the recovery period last?

After having undergone the procedure, you can expect the recovery period to last for about 3 weeks. During this time, it is highly recommended to avoid moments like sitting, squatting or stretching. This is so because the newly transferred fat cells have just started to settle and they need to establish a blood supply. It takes about 4 days for tiny blood vessels to start forming around the new fat cells. Within 2 to 3 weeks the blood flow optimizes. To grow stronger successfully, the cells needed to be combined with existing tissues.


Is it okay to sit after the butt lift?

The transferred cells need time to settle. Sitting, on the other hand, creates a significant amount of pressure at the surgical site which could potentially damage the transferred fat cells. The pressure created reduces the blood flow, hence, the circulation in the area is not ideal for the successful recovery. Due to this reason, it is highly recommended to avoid sitting for 3 weeks after the procedure. In some situations when it is completely unavoidable, make use of a doughnut pillow and reposition yourself frequently.


What are the activities that you have to avoid?

Taking short and slow walks can help to promote circulation in the area. For the next 6 weeks, you will have to avoid driving as acceleration and braking require a considerable transfer of pressure to the buttocks. After the procedure, the blood vessels and tissues will be working together to make your new bottom a permanent success.


How to sleep after the butt lift?

As discussed before you won’t be allowed to sit for a considerable amount of time for a while, hence, you will be spending a lot of time laying around. While it may not be the most comfortable position to sleep in, you will need to watch TV, read or relax while laying on your front to pass your time. Stock up on firm cushions so that they help you to position yourself.


When can you resume exercising?

Walking will be recommended to you right after the procedure. However, you will be barred from all other strenuous activities until your surgeon gives you an all-clear. In the first few weeks of the postoperative heavy lifting or anything which requires exertion should be avoided.

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