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When Should You See a Nephrologist?

Nephrologists are the trained professionals who treat illness of vital organ, Kidney. They are highly experienced doctors to diagnose ailments in kidney and perform all the possible treatments to ensure the proper function of the particular vital organs. Below are some essential functions of Kidney:

  • Removing excess fluid and waste from the blood
  • Manage the body’s electrolyte balance
  • Manage blood pressure
  • Release significant hormones

Primarily our Kidney filters waste and excess fluid from our blood, which is then, excretes in urine. Chronic kidney disease occurs when kidney disease reaches an advanced stage. In the early stage, there are a few signs or symptoms. Usually, normal damage can’t be identified. By the time problem it is recognized the ailments has spread to a dangerous level. It is good to have regular body checkup that includes the checkups of your essential organs. Here are some crucial symptoms indicate kidney problems:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Weakness
  • Problem in sleep
  • Difference in the amount of urine in comparison to regular
  • Decrease memory retention
  • Persistent etching
  • Swelling of feet and ankle
  • High blood pressure that is uncontrollable

It is always wise to take proper precaution to save your body from any critical ailments. Let’s see some significant prevention one should take to avoid symptoms of any kidney disease:

  • Avoid Taking Too Much Pain Relief Medicines:

Feeling to bear any pain is worse. Even to get rid of a slight headache, people consume pain killers which can be harmful to the vital organs of your body. If you are suffering from extreme pain, then it is good to have one pain reliever such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Even after taking medicine pain persists, than consulting to a doctor would be appropriate.

  • Maintain Proper Body Weight:

Obesity is the mother of many diseases, so the access weight loss. In either of the situations, you need to be careful about maintaining your body weight. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) needs to be accurate for a fit and healthy body.

  • Reduce Smoking or Better to Stop:

If you are suffering from any kidney problem, then you must stop smoking unless your condition would be worse. Cigarette smoking can affect your kidneys to a dangerous extent. So, take the proper consultation about your smoking pattern when you are already suffering from kidney disease.

  • Regular Checkups and Maintain Your Medical Condition with Doctor’s Guidance:

If you sense any symptoms that indicate kidney problem, then you must see a doctor and ensure about your health through proper diagnoses. If the problem exists, then follow the meditation and treat the problem.

If you are living a hectic lifestyle and couldn’t get time to your health checkup, then you should book your appointment online. Medical websites like offer to keep a regular check on your health. You can search for the doctor in your city. E.g. you live in Kolkata, and you are looking for an appropriate Nephrologist in Kolkata. You should use the search option of the website and next moment you would have a list of Nephrologists in Kolkata. You can check the rating, experience, fee etc. and after complete assurance, you can get online appointment.

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