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Getting Rid Of Permanent Makeup: Consider Laser Microblading Removal!

In recent years, the popularity of permanent makeup has increased considerably. People get fuller eyebrows using microblading, while others prefer to have tattoos for eyeliner and even lips. While permanent makeup techniques are great and ideal for many people, not all clinics are same. People often end up with uneven and undone brows, and there could be serious color inaccuracies. In worse cases, people have only ended with misplaced pigment. Some permanent makeup errors can be corrected, but often, removal may seem like the only option. Today, using laser, permanent makeup and microblading removal are not complicated procedures.

When to seek help for microblading removal?

Chances are high that you have figured out that microblading has gone wrong immediately after the session, but you cannot go for laser removal right away. Keep in mind that the skin has to heal, and it is important to identify the level of corrective removal required. It is best to wait for at least six to eight weeks before going for microblading removal. Do not try to clean the skin or remove scabs, because that can increase time required for healing. It is also best to avoid extreme sun exposure if you want to remove permanent makeup, and if you have to step out at all, always wear sunscreen.

How does laser removal work?

In case of microblading removal, special lasers, such as PicoWay technology, are used to shape the brows. The excess thick or longer parts of your permanent eyebrows will be removed. If the case is extreme, the doctor can use laser to remove the brow, so that you can draw your own makeup.

Factors to consider

Note that not every color used in permanent makeup can be removed by laser. Factors like ink depth and ink color can impact results, so select a reliable clinic and discuss your concerns. The doctors will be able to offer a fair and realistic idea of what to expect in terms of results. As required, your doctor will do a quick test with laser to know if the ink can be removed. If you agree to the procedure, your doctor may ask you to avoid certain medications and blood thinners before the procedure.

Also, most people need at least a couple or more sessions of laser treatment to get rid of permanent makeup, and there will be gap of around six to eight weeks between these sessions.

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