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Shopping For An Engagement Ring For Your Beloved: Follow These Suggestions!

Your choice of engagement ring is a statement of your love and commitment. Men, at least most of them, have no clue about jewelry or how to buy a ring, and as a result, they often end up evaluating products based on price alone. If you are shopping for an engagement ring in Singapore, we have some suggestions that may come in handy.

When in doubt, play it safe

Women love diamonds, and you cannot really go wrong with a solitaire engagement ring. Make sure that you check for diamond rings initially, before checking other options. Diamond rings don’t have to be super expensive, but it is wise to do some research. Diamonds are graded in terms of color, clarity, cut and carat. The weight of the diamond is often related to the size, so bigger stones obviously cost a lot more. The color and cut are more important aspects. Colorless diamonds (graded as D) are rare and expensive, while the cut determines how light reflects from the diamond. If a diamond has too many inclusions or blemishes, it would be rated low on clarity.

As for the metal, both yellow gold and platinum are great for engagement rings and work well with diamonds, but you can also consider other options like rose gold or white gold.

Follow the basic rules

Never buy an engagement ring from a store that doesn’t have a replacement or exchange policy. In case of diamond rings, grading is extremely important, and you need to get certificate of authenticity. Also, make sure that the store is a known one, and they should be able to offer a wide range of engagement rings. Make sure that you also have choices other than just diamonds, because emeralds, sapphires are also emerging as great, not-so-regular choices for engagement rings.

Find her style

Okay, women don’t really like surprises when it comes to an engagement ring. You need to find something that matches her personal style and is a good representation of your love. We strongly recommend that you ask her friends or take cues from her own wardrobe to select the right ring. For instance, you don’t want to buy something that she cannot wear on a regular basis. An engagement ring is something that you would want her to flaunt, so select one she would proud of.

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