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Why Taking Up Boxing is a Good Idea

We’ve all watched those epic World Title fights over the years and some people are inspired enough to take up this gruelling sport, especially youngsters. While some boys dream of Premier League football, others see a WBC belt around their waist and fame and fortune that comes with being a world champion. A few actually go on to realise their dream after many years of hard training and tough fights, while many enjoy an amateur career that teaches them a lot.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from taking up boxing.

  • Great physical shape – You rarely see a fat boxer and when you consider the gruelling training they have to endure, you realise why a boxer looks shredded. You might have no desire to compete, but wish to tone up your muscles; there are boxing clubs in Reading where you can enrol in a beginner’s class and in no time, you will see a fitter and firmer you.
  • The art of self-defence – A boxer must be able to defend themself, using the arms and the shoulders; you learn how to parry a punch and use footwork to move out of range; keeping your guard up is essential if you don’t want to get knocked out. We live in troubled times and many people wish to learn how to defend themself from a physical assault, which boxing teaches you.
  • Discipline – The discipline you gain when you get into boxing can be applied to other aspects of your life, which is why many parents enrol their kids in a boxing class. Once you start, you quickly reach a point where you have to dig deep and some just don’t have the desire to smash through the pain barrier.
  • Learn essential skills – A boxer carries himself (or herself) in a certain way; they understand how weight distribution is critical for movement and being very agile could one day save your life! You are taught how to warm up and down when training, plus you understand the importance of the right diet.
  • Fair play – One thing boxing teaches you is fair play and you have respect for your opponents and always follow the rules. Win, lose or draw, a boxer should be humble in victory and take a defeat in a positive way.

If you would like to try your hand at hitting a heavy bag under the supervision of a boxing coach, source a local boxing gym.

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