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What Is Botox and Microneedling and How Are They Beneficial?

Have you tried microneedling at Focal Point Salon & Spa? If you are planning on getting a skincare treatment done, then probably you should consider the botox and microneedling treatment. In this article, I will list the host of benefits that you get as you enjoy this treatment.

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What is microneedling and botox treatment?

Microneedling is an advanced medical skincare treatment procedure where minute needles are used to punch the skin making tiny punctures. This stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin naturally.

This treatment is not complicated and it does not require any recovery period. There may be some reddening of the skin due to the puncturing which will start to disappear in a day and may last for about four days after which you will be left with just lovely and youthful skin.

Botox treatment is where botulinum is injected into the skin to tighten it causing a smooth wrinkle free appearance.

List of benefits of microneedling and botox treatments

This is how you can completely enjoy the holistic skincare treatment and these are its benefits.

  • Skin gets hydrated as a result of the microneedling and botox process. This leaves your skin soft and smooth
  • The treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles making your skin younger.
  • Scars are always a headache and the good news is that these treatments help reduce the scars so that you can enjoy that spot free radiant look

  • Sun damages are another challenge for maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin. These treatments help in reversing the harm caused on the skin due to exposure to harsh rays of sun.
  • These treatments naturally improve the skin due to the collagen and the elastin that is secreted due to the treatment. The pores of the skin get closed and the skin tightens.
  • These treatments act as antiaging treatments due to the benefits mentioned in the previous point. The skin pores get dilated with age and this can be prevented or repaired by the treatment.

So why wait anymore. Get a microneedling and botox treatment done and enjoy an ever-glowing smooth hydrated skin.

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