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6 Face Mask Blunders You Need To Avoid

If used correctly, face mask can become your saving grace when it comes to skincare. Face masks are customised to fight all skin concerns, be it dullness, oily skin, wrinkles and fine lines or dry, dehydrated skin while helping you maintain a youthful lustre. However, there are certain commonly made masking mistakes that prevent your skin from loving masks. Scroll on to find out what to avoid before getting your mask on!

Mistake 1 – Not Cleansing your Skin Before Applying a Mask

It is extremely important to apply a mask on freshly cleansed skin if you want to soak in all its goodness. Residual makeup or build-up might cause your skin to break out. Make sure to cleanse your face of any residual makeup and start with a fresh, clean face before masking.

Mistake 2 – Not Using Masks Specific to Your Skin Type

Most masks are curated to address specific skin types and skin conditions. Make sure you understand your skin type before you begin shopping for masks to get maximum benefits from the mask. Using the wrong mask for your skin might lead to allergic reactions or breakouts. For sensitive skin, it is best to choose masks with milder, more natural ingredients that are not harsh on your skin.

Mistake 3 – Applying a Mask Without Cleaning Your Hands

Cleaning your face before you put on a mask isn’t enough. You need to make sure your hands are clean as well so as not to transfer any dirt or bacteria to your face. Not only could these reduce the benefit of the mask but they can also cause your skin to break out. Pro tip- if you want to avoid using your hands, opt for applying your mask with a flat foundation brush instead!

Mistake 4 – Applying Your Mask In A Thick Layer

It’s time to clear a common misconception. When it comes to masks, more isn’t necessarily better. In fact, it’s better to start off with a thin layer and then build on it for additional benefits. Applying a thick layer will not actually benefit your skin in any way.


Mistake 5 – Leaving Your Mask On For Too Long

Most masks come with a time limit for how long they should be kept on your face. Ignoring that and leaving your mask on for longer won’t give you any additional benefits and it might even react with your skin if kept for too long. If you tend to lose track of how long your mask has been on, try setting a timer instead.

Mistake 6 – Not Moisturising After You Mask

A mask isn’t the final step of your skincare routine. Always remember to apply a moisturiser after you put on a mask to make sure your skin is moisturised and hydrated. Several masks are not moisturising themselves so it is important to follow this step post your masking session to enhance the mask’s benefits and to prevent your skin from drying out.

There are several types of masks out in the beauty world right now, be it clay masks, sheet masks, peel off mask etc. It can get slightly intimidating when you have to choose a mask for yourself so make sure you do your research before you begin mask shopping!

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