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How Effective Is Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

Have you ever heard of East Asian blepharoplasty? Chances are that you have—the procedure has experienced significant increases in popularity in recent months. With this procedure, an Asian person can decide to undergo cosmetic surgery to acquire brighter and wider eyes—a way of enhancing their facial beauty. This process is commonly called an Asian double eyelid surgery or East Asian blepharoplasty.

Why double eyelid surgery?

Just like the name suggests, Asian double eyelid surgery involves reshaping the skin around your eyes to achieve a double eyelid crease. The main goal is to have an upper double eyelid. The latter is created from the natural single eyelid.

Any Asian person can undergo this type of surgery provided they are willing. The final result will be wider and attractive eyes—you will be a beauty to behold after the process is complete!

Understanding the process

The double eyelid surgery procedure can only be carried out by a skilled surgeon, ideally one who is well-versed with eyelid surgery. This is because it is a delicate process that calls for undivided attention to every single step. However, the process is worth it since it helps you acquire your dream eyes, giving you your long-desired facial looks.

Is the process complicated, painful and lengthy?

Lots of people in China go for this surgery, especially younger individuals. Their reasons for doing it are varied: some do it to look beautiful, some do it to get a job in the acting sector, while others claim it’s fashionable (which it is indeed!).

Adding creases to your upper eyelid is often a comfortable and pleasant experience, which has no doubt contributed to its popularity. If we were to go by the definition of beauty today which tends to favor big and brighter eyes, there is no reason why you should not book an appointment with experts today. Note that the procedure is relatively quick and usually doesn’t require too much recovery time.

What exactly do the doctors do?

  • Incisional surgery

Incisional surgery is one of the most widely used procedures to create double eyelid crease. What happens is that the doctor removes a small section of the skin around your eyes. Also, some fat and muscle are removed if necessary. This only applies to the upper eyelid.

Then the doctor uses stitches to fix the area, creating a crease. The final result is a long-lasting double eyelid. Most patients are compatible with this technique. You may have a small scar which will heal after some time.

  • Suture surgery/ Maibotsu

Maibotsu is a technique from Japan. In this type of surgery, your surgeon will use a thin stitch. He squeezes your eyelid skins to your eyelid underlying tissues, in turn, forming a crease. So, a fold is created devoid of incisions.

 This enhances a natural final appearance as well as minimal scarring. Note that the used stitch can be dissolved but still, it will hold your eyelid securely in its newly formed shape. This is a very simple process. Also, the recovery time is shorter.

Book your appointment now and let an expert help transform your eyes to the widest, most striking version they can be. This will not only improve your confidence but you will never stop stealing the scene with your brand new look.

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