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Hair Removal – What Are the Choices?

Who doesn’t want smooth and glowing skin, ready to flaunt in beautiful dresses? For ages, women have been concerned about unwanted hair in different parts of the body and this has become an important part of the beauty regimen. Thankfully, there are numerous hair removal methods – some painful while others don’t let you feel a thing. In this article, we will take a look at the various choices available when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair.


This is a slightly painful method of hair removal, but it gives you a clean and smooth skin nevertheless. The results are much better than shaving with a razor. In this method, the cosmetologist covers the skin having hair growth with sticky/ molten waxy substance and then places a cloth strip over it. As the wax dries a little, the strips are pulled off and hairs come off with them. In some methods of waxing, hair can be removed without the use of any cloth strips.

Waxing method works great on any part of the body, including the underarms, legs, face, and bikini. For easy and effective hair removal, the hair should be at least ¼ inches long. So, make sure hair grows for a few days before removing them with the waxing method. Some people may experience side effects like redness and bumps on the skin, or infection around the hair follicles.


When we hair about hair removal, the most apparent method that comes to the mind is shaving and it’s perhaps the easiest and quickest of all methods. You just need to hold the electric shaver or razor close to the skin at a perfect angle and shave. In the past, shaving had a bad reputation because people believed this led to the growth of coarser and darker hair. According to dermatologist David Pariser, this is not true. The unshaved hair has a soft and tapered tip that is destroyed when you shave it off; hence, it feels coarser.

In case you use the disposable blades or razors, first wet your skin and create a gentle lather with shaving cream or soap. Now, shave in the direction in which the hair grows. When using a non-disposable razor, make sure you replace it often to avoid shaving with a dull edge.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal method is a relatively new and advanced technique in which a technician uses intense and concentrated beams of laser light to destroy the hair follicles and roots. It is known as one of the effective methods to ensure long-term hair reduction. It works best for women with light skin and dark hair. The method has some limitations, such as it does not work on blonde hair or white hair. It may take about 6 to 12 treatments for you to start seeing results and may need to go for regular touchups every 6-12 months. Some of the possible side effects of laser method include swelling or redness in the area treated, but it usually goes away in a few days.


Another effective method for hair removal is electrolysis. In this procedure, a trained specialist places a thin and tiny needed inside each hair follicle and destroys the root using an electric current. As this treatment procedure takes a long time, it works best for smaller areas such as the chin or upper lip. Women with blonde and white hair who can’t get results from laser treatment can opt for electrolysis to see good results.

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